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Oct 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
'll tell you what. the winner of this game will now take on san francisco because san francisco beat cincinnati today. so somewhat of a surprise in that other national league game. >> game one will be sunday. let's hope it's the nationals. >> reporter: again one more time, 1-1. we are in the bottom of the 6th inning, ross detwiler doing a heck of a job for the washington nationals. let me send it back to you now in the studio. >>> this is 9 news now. >>> we begin with breaking news out of silver spring where a 4- year-old child took an 80-foot plunge out of a window. it happened at a high rise apartment building along piney branch road near university boulevard. our ken molestina is there live with more. earlier we reported that this boy might have been home alone. do we know anything more about that? >> reporter: well, that's exactly what investigators are trying to get to the bottom of. that has not been confirmed. there's a lot of speculation. what we do know is it was one deep plunge this 4-year-old child took. i want to show you that eight- story window he fell from. if you lo
Oct 26, 2012 5:00pm EDT
to a san francisco news anchor while reporting at the world series. >> reporter: in 1989 the giants were in the world series versus the oakland a's. >> reporter: okay. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: hang on. hang on. you know, i have to tell you one of my goals in life, bethany, one of my goals in life is to make it on youtube and i think i just did. i'm on youtube. hello to my youtube friends. how are you? i'm supposed to go on from here? hey, darren, it's raining in san francisco. it's raining bird crap, if i may say that. >> we should replay that in slow motion. that's what i think. >> just another example of what doing live news when you're doing it, it just doesn't always go according to plan. what is she wearing on her head? >> that's a panda hat for one of the players who is the panda. >> got it. >> maybe the station will pick up his dry cleaning. >>> coming up how a high school tennis player is helping autistic children learn the sport he loves. >> but first some gadgets you might not have thought of that may help keep you safe when the storm hits. we'll be right back. >>> okay. we'
Oct 15, 2012 5:00pm EDT
at education levels, eating and exercise habits, health conditions and socialability. san francisco was the top of the list, arlington, fremont, seattle and madison, wisconsin. >> i bet you arlington residents already knew that, though. they didn't need anybody to tell them that. >> 10 is pretty high. >>> speaking of high, it was a relatively hot september across the globe. let's go to the computer for a second. actually it tied with the hottest september set back in 2005. the global temperature, that's everybody, was 60.2 degrees. that's pretty toasty for september and again records go back to 1880. not a record setting september here, but it was if we do it globally. let's take a live look outside. this is worth looking at. check that picture out. doesn't that look cool? >> what is that? >> that's a little storm cloud, the frontal boundary rolling through producing some pretty good storm southwest of us. it's our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. 66 downtown. we managed to make it to 72, dew point 54. look at the winds 13 out of the north. so the front is through now, pressu
Oct 16, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. >> and there will be a public memorial for ambassador stevens in san francisco this evening. stevens father says his son's death should not be turned into a campaign issue. lesli. >> anita, thank you. security is extra tight at the british hospital where a pakistani schoolgirl is being treated after being shot by the taliban. the hospital's medical director says authorities turned away two well wishers overnight who were posing as relatives of malala. meanwhile, doctors say the 14- year-old activist is making some good progress in her recovery. >> she is not out of the woods yet. there's plenty that could go wrong. at this stage, we are optimistic things are going in the right direction. >> the 14-year-old is surrounded by teams of medical experts. they are starting to plan for reconstructive surgery to repair the damage to her head. >>> there was an emotional homecoming today for 70 soldiers just back from afghanistan. the d.c. army national guard unit returned from the ten month long deployment and some of those service members have been deployed. ceremony was held at the d.c. national guard armory. and d.
Oct 18, 2012 5:00pm EDT
strike in the san francisco bay area. >> surveillance cameras captured the bright fire ball around 7:30 last night. as they broke up, accompanied by a loud boom that was so loud that some of them said it shook their homes. check that out. one oakland astronomy instructor said it is the size of their car. luckily that thing broke off. >>> and a fiery crash with a truck outside dallas. they sent hundreds of flaming pumpkins sliding across the highway. police say that the driver of this 18 wheeler lost control of the truck early yesterday morning, smashing into a guardrail where he was fine, but the truck was scorched, the pumpkins were fried, which could be a delicacy in some places. it took authorities, however, hours to clean those things up. >> i would like to see it. maybe not off to the right way. >> no. >>> still ahead tonight, plenty of insurance companies require them, but do those annual physicals actually keep you healthy and well. >>> also up next, women may drink cranberry juice when they feel a certain pain. but find out why the home remedy may not be the right move. >>> s
Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. i don't think they want to play san francisco right off the bat in that first series. the real good pitching staff, so the matchups are going to be crucial. >> what worries you the most? the pitching or hitting? the bats cooled. >> i think it's more in experience. one contributing factor is just a pressure with getting them to end this. to finally clinch the division. it went longer than they thought it was going to. one team they don't want to play is atlanta. atlanta is making a charge late and they put the pressure on the nationals lately. i think that's one team they don't want to see. >> before losing last night, they were 8-2 heading into this final stretch. stephen strasburg was very coy when talking to mlb radio about whether we would see him. are we going to see him, you think? hitting, pitching? >> sitting on the bench cheering his teammates on. it's too dangerous to start him up again. i don't think there's a chance. >> and what do you think? >> honestly? >> should they bring him in? >> no. they sat him down. but you have a better chance to start for the nationals
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6